Sunday, March 31

Closet Cleaning Has Never Been So Much Fun!

     It's that time of year again- Spring-cleaning time!  Seeing how my closets are bursting at the seams, I've decided to declutter by weeding out the things I no longer wear and the things with tags still attached that I've never worn.  In my constant search for new ways to fund my shopping habit I discovered Poshmark- a simple and fun way to buy and sell women's fashion and accessories.
    Poshmark allows you to shop the closets of women across America – and sell yours too! If you ever wished you had a style-mate whose closet you could shop in, now you can.  Poshmark connects you to people whose style you adore, allowing you to shop their closets, anytime you’d like.  It's a great place to shop for a classic pencil skirt, discover unique vintage finds, or score major deals on the season’s latest  trends. You can choose from a diverse collection of styles, brands, sizes, and price points. And because Poshmark respects the creativity of today’s fashion designers it does not allow the sale of replicas or fakes. So you can rest assured that the items you purchase are authentic. Whether you are shopping for something brand-spankin’ new or pre-loved, you’ll definitely score a deal on Poshmark.
     If there are items in your closet that you love, but just don’t wear anymore you can list them for sale on Poshmark for free. When you make a sale, Poshmark deducts a 20% commission fee from your earnings. This means that you get to keep 80% of the sale price.  Once your item has sold, Poshmark handles the financial transaction for you (including paying all those credit card fees) and provides you with a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label for mailing your item to the purchaser.  Once the item has been packaged, you can drop it off at any blue USPS mailbox or even have it picked up for free from your home.  In other words, Poshmark provides a simple, end-to-end platform for selling fashion.
     The only downside is that you will need an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to use Poshmark, which is currently only available in the US.  For non-iPhone users and international shoppers, Poshmark assures that a shoppable website is on the horizon!  Another thing to be aware of is that Poshmark currently does not accept returns. So before you make your purchase be sure you really love the items.  Otherwise, you can always resell them yourself and maybe even make a profit while doing so!  Start cleaning those closets ladies and discover what Poshmark has to offer.

Saturday, March 30

Warm-Weather Leather

     Leather and Spring aren't the most obvious pairing, but leave it to this crew of designers — who featured copious amounts of leather on their Spring runways — to make it en vogue.  From Tibi's colorful structured tops and skirts to Fendi's sleek colorblocked pants, I can't help but be intrigued. While a part of me can't seem to fathom the thought of sweating it out for the sake of fashion (65-degree weather plus a leather dress does not sound appealing), there's another side of me falling hard for all the pretty purple, green, and taupe-hued offerings.
      For many of us, leather (or faux leather) is a fixture in our fall wardrobes, but doesn’t carry over to the warm Spring weather.  Fortunately, that's all changed thanks to a lighter, more feminine look and feel in pieces ranging from pastel shells to full-skirted dresses. Embrace the unexpected warm weather leather look by selecting pieces in cool colors enhanced with delicate embroidery, laser-cut details or perforated accents. These looks combine soft, flirty elements with the most unexpected treatment, giving off a striking Spring look that works for day or night.  I'm so thankful that I won’t have to retire this chic texture anymore as seasons change.  Bring on the warm weather leather!






J. Mendel


Pierre Balmain

Rem Acra

Friday, March 29

Foot Notes

      This season we're seeing a lot of ballet flats, oxfords and smoking slippers.  If you're wondering how to wear these low heels, you're in luck because I've got your foot notes below.

Ballet Flats- their tasteful, pretty shape goes with everything.  Instantly make your look more demure and sophisticated with these classic flats.  They can de-sex-ify a slim-fitting miniskirt, which if worn with high heels or wedges may look a bit trashy.  This Spring, try swapping out your platform pumps for a pair of ballerinas with your skinny jeans or pants.

Sam Edelman $69
C Wonder $128
J. Crew $195

Jimmy Choo  $425
Giuseppe Zanotti $550

Lace Up Oxfords- they're more tomboy than the girly ballerina.  To embrace the boyishness of these shoes wear them with cropped trousers.  The key is show off your ankles with this pant and shoe combo to make sure you stay femme in your menswear.  Pants that are too long and that touch the shoe will just make you look like a man.  The key to wearing menswear, like these oxfords, is to remind everyone you're still a lady. The other option is to contrast the boyishness of the shoe with flouncy femininity by wearing a floral skirt, for example.  Either way, it's about juxtaposing a boyish fashion with feminine style.
Tommy Hilfiger $79
DV by Dolce Vita $79
Cole Haan  $198
Christian Louboutin
Slipper/Smoking Flats- wear them with boyfriend jeans for a casual look or, as with oxfords, femme it up!  A fit and flair skater skirt is perfect, but an A-line would work too.  Longer skirts, however, do not work here- unless you're going for the nerdy, Big Bang Theory look. 

Vince Camuto $110
Jimmy Choo $650
Michael Kors $150
Jean-Michel Cazabat $235
DV by Dolce Vita $79

Thursday, March 28

Safari Style

Designers are taking us on a safari-style adventure this season where we'll be in hot pursuit of fierce beige and khaki prints for both day and night, the countryside or the urban jungle. This Spring take a walk on the wild side with knee high lace-up gladiator sandals or go minimial in rich olive and camel-hued basics.  It's survial of the chicest.


The Safari look is a trend that inevitably rears its head each Spring/Summer season so it was no surprise when it made yet another appearance for Spring 2013. The African safari has hit the streets and it's one of my favorite trends right now.

At the forefront of my favorite desert-inspired style are designs from Ferragamo, Michael Kors, and Burberry.  These exotic collections are marked by utility style jackets, fused with classic khaki and beige tonal safari shorts, chic safari belted dresses, tortoise accessories, snakeskin bags and gladiator sandals.

Whether you're heading out into the arid desert or tackling the dangers of your very own urban jungle, these are undoubtedly some of Spring's 2013 most fashionable looks.

Gianvito Rossi

Michael Kors

Salvatore Ferragamo

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Wednesday, March 27

Get Printed!

     All over pattern is everything right now, but these mismatched, geometric, and animal prints aren't your typical pretty Spring florals.  Probably one of the biggest fashion risks and the hardest to pull off, mixing prints is without a doubt a fashion dare.You may be thinking that you couldn’t pull this look off if you tried, but I'm here to tell you that you're wrong.  Some of my best looks of all time have started out as fashion risks.  With a few helpful pointers from me you will be on your way to properly mixin’ & matchin’!  By following these tips you'll learn how to mix prints for a look that's classic and not in your face.  So start double dipping and wear your favorite prints from top to bottom.
     It takes some getting used to, and more than a trend, it is a skill to be able to put together an outfit mixing prints correctly.  Beginners should experiment with this trend by combining two subtle types of print, like tiny polka dots with plaid.  Whether matching or clashing prints, make sure to wear all the same fabric- for example your ensemble should be all silk or all cotton.  This leaves a lot less room for error than when you're mixing patterns and textures.
     Unsure of how to embrace such a fashion-forward look for the warmer months?  I've got an easy-to-follow primer of match-ups that make sense together, involving prints that you probably already own. 

1. Pick your prints.  From bursts of florals to kaleidoscopic patterns, there's no shortage of selection in the vast array of digital prints this Spring.  Paisley, animal and floral, polka dots, stripes and checks; it's go big or go home. With this trend there are no boundaries or rules. Just pick your favorite prints and start mixing.  
     Consider stripes, polka dots, plaid and tribal prints to be neutrals. Experiment with different prints that you already have in your closet. If head-to-toe prints are intimidating, opt for a printed top and printed heels, paired with a solid pant to balance them out. Accessories can also come into play in the mixing process. Feeling brave? It’s OK to break the rules and confidently walk out in clashing prints. You only live once.

Give these pairings a try:

a. Animal on animal- the secret to making two types of animal prints look modern together is to wear one in a realistic print and the other in a more artful, graphic print.

b. Leopard and florals- this is probably the most common example of clashing prints.

c. Floral on stripes- dainty florals and soft stripes fill the same fashion space- comfy, cozy, and ladylike yet laid-back- which explains why they go so well together.  Look for a floral print that's a little more colorful and stripes in a neutral tone for maximum co-habitability.
2. Pair complimentary colors.  If you've never print paired before try mixing pretty pastels and neutrals.  The secret is to stick to one color palette and choose simple metallic accessories.  You can mix and match different prints and patterns as much or as little as you like — depending on your comfort level, of course.

3. Pay attention to scale.   Being mindful of the scale of your contrasting prints is of equal importance to teaming complimentary hues.  Larger, bold prints should be partnered with equally sizable prints. While smaller, more subtle patterns should be paired with ones that are comparable in size.  Note: big, bold patterns flatter the statuesque, while petite or curvy women should stick with smaller, darker motifs.  Keep everything else simple and clean.  A solid-colored blazer and shoes will finish the look.

Mixing prints seems so over-the-top that it just works. After all, fashion is all about risk-taking and pushing the envelope.  It's one of the scariest trends to attempt, but once you get a handle on print mixing, it can change your life.  When you start creating combos that you've never tried before, your potential wardrobe combinations and permutations increase exponentially, you can get dressed faster, and you'll impress your fashion friends with seemingly effortless ease. So be a daredevil this Spring and take on the print mixing challenge.

Tuesday, March 26

Scaling Up


      According to the Chinese lunar calendar, 2013 is the year of the snake.  It's no wonder that fact this inspired designers as they crafted their Spring collections.  Snakeskin is everywhere- bags, shoes, jewelry, and even dresses.  But unlike season's past, these aren't your garden-variety serpentine looks.  The colors are bold, unconventional, and striking. This Spring consider the reptile your new spirit animal- I promise it won't bite!



Christian Louboutin


Tory Burch

From lef to right:  Prozena Schouler, Gucci, Erdem



Monday, March 25

Monotone, Not Monotonous

       Do you dare to twirl into color this Spring? Eye-catching monotone fashions- sporting one color from head to toe- are a bold alternative to this season's color-blocking trend and the new monotone is anything, but monotonous!  For Spring '13 Gucci drew inspiration from the primary colors by utilizing hues of emerald, candy red, cobalt, daffodil, and sunset orange to create some of the season's brightest looks.  Unlike the drab offerings of traditional monotone- black, white and grey- these single hued fashions are bubbling with youthfulness.
     You already knew that black was slimming, but that's not the only color that can make you seem leaner and longer all over.  The same simple, but genius logic applies when you rock a bright monochromatic look.   If you're afraid of looking too matchy-matchy when sporting this trend, play with different hues in the same color scheme.  This will ensure that all of the parts of your ensemble are not identical shades of one color.   But if you're really feeling brave don the exact same color from head to toe and then go all out by choosing matching accessories.
       First timers should try easing into the trend with an eye-popping suit.  For example, pair a blouse or top in a lighter or more intense shade of the same hue as your pant for contrast.  Different textures will also give a monotone look some life.  Break up the monotone by adding a patterned blouse that picks up the color of your skirt or pant.  The best part about these solids is that they're great investment pieces. Because they are so basic they can be worn with anything already in your wardrobe.  Challenge yourself to embrace color in new ways this Spring and revitalize your life in the process.